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Fuel Tank Cap OE NO.77300-53010

Short Description:

OE NO: 77300-53010
Factory: Wenzhou Lanwo Auto Parts Co., Ltd
Packing detail: Neutral packing or customer packing Production Management
Standards: ISO9001
Warranty: 6 months – 1 year
Delivery time: usually is 30days after confirm the order
Inspection: all of goods are full inspection

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Car fuel tank cap can't drive itself?

1. The opening of the fuel tank of some models is subject to the control of the central door lock system, which may be caused by the failure of the central door lock.

2. Refueling is a method, the engine can be started to realize the natural aging of the motor, and the parts such as extensive lubrication cannot be ejected from the box.

3. Cover it, you can open some switches on one side, if you can open the fuel cap, you can manually open the fuel tank cap again.

It is a good way to open the fuel tank cover through the emergency switch. The location of the emergency switch is generally at the corresponding fuel tank cover in the trunk. Unlock the emergency switch with one hand and press the fuel tank cap with the other hand to open the fuel tank cap. Although this method is effective, it is only a temporary solution. It is recommended that the owner should go to the 4S shop or repair shop as soon as possible to deal with the problem that the fuel cap cannot be ejected.

Car refueling tips

In the instrument panel, the fuel tank symbol has a small arrow. If the arrow points to the left, it means that the fuel tank cap of your car is on the left; if the arrow is too far to the right, it means that the fuel tank cap is on the right. In this way, when driving an unfamiliar vehicle, there will no longer be the embarrassment of not knowing where the fuel tank cap is when refueling.

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