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Door Check Strap GJ6A-58-270

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Limiters, many devices are used in security equipment, and limiters are used in road gates and pedestrian access gates. So, what is a limiter, and what is the working principle of a limiter?

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Limiter principle

During the door opening and closing process, the slider in the limiter cover plate reciprocates on the main arm. Because the thickness of the main arm in the direction of the movement track is different, the displacement distance of the slider is also different, and the force of squeezing the rubber block is also different. Therefore, in the process of opening and closing the door, different opening and closing forces will be generated, which will play a role in limiting the position.

Limiter development trend

With the development of the world economy, cars will become the primary means of transportation for human beings. Due to the increase in urban population, the distance between cars and cars will become smaller and smaller in future parking spaces. In order to prevent bumping other vehicles when getting on and off the car, The requirements for the limiter effect of the limiter will be higher. The second-stage limiter can no longer meet the user's application requirements and will be replaced by the third-stage limiter.

Limiter classification

Mainly divided into plastic-coated limiters: the main arm takes the steel skeleton as the body, and the limiter that completes the limit structure with the plastic-coated process is called the plastic-coated limiter.

Stamping limiter: The limiter that the main arm completes the limit structure by the stamping process is called the stamping limiter;

Other functional limiters: refer to the door limiters other than the stamping limiter and the overmolding limiter.

A stopper is a safety device for maintaining the machine and its users, commonly found on cars and cranes. The length of the car is determined by the manufacturer, and the depth of the family garage is set for construction, and the size of the vast majority of families can usually not be changed. Therefore, there are some family garage sizes and deep car parking length sizes closed to, or travel parking spaces are small, about 20 cm.

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