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The fuel tank cap of the car can’t pop up automatically, what should I do if the fuel tank cap will not pop up automatically

The fuel tank cap of a car is generally opened by a button in the car, and the button is located at the lower left of the seat or at the bottom left of the center console. There are many possibilities that the car fuel tank cap cannot pop up automatically. For example, there is a problem with the spring mechanism inside the fuel tank; the fuel tank cap is stuck or rusted; the accelerator switch is faulty; the accelerator switch is stuck; low, causing the fuel tank cap to freeze.




When the fuel tank cap does not pop open automatically, you need to check whether the fuel tank cap has rusted parts and polish it; check whether the spring mechanism or throttle switch inside the fuel tank is faulty, and repair or replace it. In addition, the following factors can also cause the fuel tank cap to fail to pop open:

1. The fuel tank cap of some models is controlled by the central door lock system. If the central door lock fails, the fuel tank cap may not be automatically unlocked.

2. The motor of the fuel tank cover is damaged due to natural aging, lack of lubricating oil and other factors, so the fuel tank cover cannot be ejected. The solution is to replace the new motor.

3. The fuel tank cap is stuck and cannot be opened. You can press the remote control key to unlock it, and at the same time press the fuel tank cap by hand to open it. If the fuel tank cap is badly stuck, you can use some cards or objects to pry it open.

The fuel tank cover cannot pop up automatically. Some models provide an emergency switch to temporarily solve this problem. The emergency switch is generally set in the position of the trunk corresponding to the fuel tank cover. Turn on the switch, there will be a pull wire inside, pull the emergency pull wire on one side, and press the fuel tank cap with your hand on the other hand, and the fuel tank cap can be opened at the same time. The emergency unlocking is only a temporary measure, and the owner had better go to the 4S shop or repair shop for overhaul as soon as possible.

Post time: Jul-27-2022