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How to adjust the door arrester when it is loose?

Adjustment method for loose door arrester:

1. The door stopper is loose, which needs to be repaired by professional tools at the 4S shop or repair shop. It may be that the door stopper is loose due to aging or damage of its parts. In addition, when the stopper is loose, check whether the relevant screws of the stopper are loose or missing;

2. The main function of the door limiter is to limit the opening degree of the door. On the one hand, it can limit the maximum opening degree of the door to prevent accidents caused by excessive opening of the door. On the other hand, it can keep the door open all the time. Even if the door is opened on the uphill section, the door will not automatically close;

3. In the process of opening the door, if the door limiter fails, it can also be felt from the hand. If the door is opened too much, the door limiter will automatically close after it is damaged. The reason for this is that the door limiter has been used for too long, leading to the aging of the door limiter.

Post time: Oct-26-2022