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Running lights: The running lights are also called width lights. Their function is to make the four corners of the vehicle visible, and the brightness is not as high as that of the headlights. This light should be on in rainy weather, when it is dark, or in an underground parking lot. When the running lights are on, the symbol shown in the illustration will illuminate on the instrument panel.

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High beams and low beams High beams have a higher illumination height than low beams, so they can illuminate objects that are taller and farther away. Low beams are generally used on roads with street lighting. High beams are used on unlit roads and are often used to illuminate road signs above distant roads. The purpose of communicating with other drivers can be achieved through different ways of transforming the far and near beams.

When meeting cars, if we use high beams, the other driver will not be able to see the road clearly due to the strong light and cannot judge the exact position of your vehicle, which will increase the chance of accidents. Therefore, when you meet a car, if you turn on the high beam, you should switch to the low beam. If the other vehicle uses high beams, you can quickly change the high beam and low beam to remind the driver of the car.

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