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What is a fuel tank cap

A fuel cap is a box on a car that is used to store gasoline. The shape is square, made of stainless steel, and has a good seal. There is only a small round entrance, which is only as big as the cap of the bottle, for easy storage. Usually placed at the rear of the car.




Open method

To know how to open the car fuel tank cap, we must first know the structure of the car fuel tank cap. The trunk and fuel tank cover of modern cars can generally be controlled remotely in the cab. This function brings great convenience to the car owner, but when they fail, the car owner is often helpless and causes great trouble.

Generally speaking, the trunk and the cab are separated by the rear seats, so as long as the rear seats are removed, the trunk can be accessed from the cab. After entering the trunk, just use a screwdriver to push or rotate Move the movable part on the door lock, and the door lock can be opened.

If the fuel tank cap cannot be opened, you can start from the trunk. First remove the liner inside the trunk that covers the fuel tank, the liner is usually held in place by some plastic clips that can be easily pried off with a screwdriver. After removing the inner liner, you can see the locking mechanism of the fuel tank cover, and you can also see the fuel tank cover cable for remote operation. As long as the cable is pulled, the fuel tank cover can be opened. If it doesn’t work, you can press the movable part of the locking mechanism and pull the cable continuously, and the fuel tank cap will be easily opened. Some models have a special switch on the locking mechanism, and the fuel tank cap can be opened by pressing the switch.

Post time: Jul-27-2022